Hello to all of you,

Here we are at the dawn of a sixth edition of this workshop which intrinsically found its foundations through the Green Analytical Chemistry, this chemistry which seeks to reduce and avoid pollution from its source in order to reduce its own impact on the environment.

Obviously the SBSE Technical Meeting becomes The Green Analytical Chemistry Workshop. So since the first opus in 2011, we were a large number through the SBSE and even the SPME to already apply this philosophy. This new edition wishes to expand this concept even more in relation to the chemical transition soon to come in laboratories, contextually, energy savings through more efficient and less energy consuming systems (your expectations through the questionnaire you answered are largely in this direction), the almost programmed disappearance of helium in our sectors of activity and its potential replacement by hydrogen.

Of course, we will discuss alternative enrichment techniques such as the Sorbent Pen, the Coated Blade or the DART without forgetting of course the SBSE. The sensitivity of our analytical systems is not an end in itself and is conducive to miniaturization and automation; thus it must also participate in this transition: reduction of the volume of sample and consequently, reduction of the volume of solvent or even its disappearance. Let's not forget the circular economy which is beginning to apply to our field of activity with recycled materials entering into the structure of our devices or even a complete reconditioning to give them a second life.

Let's meet on February 5, 2024, starting at 09:00 a.m., for two full days dedicated to these different themes. The exchange and enrichment will always be the keys of this Workshop to which we hope to see you numerous.

See you all soon.

The organizing committee.